How to Order

Step 1

Click Menu “Shop” for looking for all products in Kanazawa Halal Food

Note :

  1. Deliver around Kanazawa will be FREE if your order Minimum ¥2500
  2. Deliver outside of Kanazawa will be charge ¥700 . And for Customers based in Kyuushu and Hokkaido, Delivery charge is ¥1000
  3. Operational Time :
    – Pick up by Self
    a. Morning : 06.00 – 10.00
    b. Night : 18.30 – 23.00
  4. Time Deliver at home
    Every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Step 2

Please find some products that you like and then click “Add to Cart” below on the product

After that, please see your order basket which is in the top right, there will be a notification of how many products you ordered.
Then please click “check out” to continue for the next step

Step 4

In this section, you must fill in personal data for your order.
there are several steps in filling out the form which consists of:
1. Name
2. Postcode/ZIP
3. Prefecture
4. Town/city
5. Street address
6. Phone number
7. Email address
8. Password (If you not registration before)
9. Please check name product from your order
10. Please check total price product from your order
11. Please check shipping price (This price will follow from your location address)
12. Please check the total price from your order
13. Choose one of the payment methods
14. Click place order (to process your order)