Frequently Questions


Ordering can be made where ever you are. Only using a smartphone or laptop what you have in just 5 minutes.

Steps simple of an order :

  1. Choose what product you want
  2. Select check out and make payment as stated

How do I pay ?

The method of payment consists of Transfer ATM, PayPal, & Credit Card. Choose one of the payment options and make a payment in accordance with the nominal available.

After payment, what should I do?

After the payment is done, then you will get proof of payment transactions in each payment method. Then send proof of transaction to us via Line (@jce4530n) and Whatapps (+6289685725772). Then you get confirmation and delivery will be done immediately.

Do I be able to track the position of my order ?

Yes, we will send a Tracking Number to you so you can track the position of stuff.

When will the item arrive at the destination?

We send according to a regular express, which is normally 2-3 days in duration, if there is a delay, it is most likely a mistake from the courier or you entered the wrong address so that the package was sent to a different address

How if my item strayed to a different address?

We will help you to solve the problem so that you can get your package on time and if there is an error sending to another address we will help confirm to the relevant courier.

Where i can track my order who have been delivered ?

Can I buy via offline purchases?

Yes, you can visit our website. Choose what order do you want and after that, the Invoice will be sent to your email. Then the invoice have to bring to our store and show us about that. Furthermore, the order is ready and payment can be made on the spot.

Is there any different price when we order different weight?

Depending on the shipping capacity which consists of 60 size (Up to 2kg), 80 size (Up to 5kg), 100 size (Up to 10kg), 120 size (Up to 20kg), 140 size (Up to 30kg).

So pay attention to your order from the package criteria that will be ordered.

How to order ?

Ordering can be made where ever you are. Only using a smartphone or laptop what you have in just 5 minutes.

Steps simple of an order :

  1. Choose what product you want
  2. Select check out and make payment as stated.
  3. Track and wait for your package to arrive, Your package will arrive and be ready for you. Let’s enjoy

What are the benefits of making an order at Kanawa (Kanazawa Halal Food)?

  1. Halal : We provide halal food from various products so you don’t worry about being limited to getting halal food in Japan. We also provide all Indonesian spices and products that can treat your nostalgia for Indonesian dishes.
  2. Cheaper : With cheaper price, you can saving your money for all requirement you need and don’t worry too much cause we are always there are for you
  3. Simple : Time is very valuable, with us you don’t need to worry if your time is wasted because we provide convenience with only 5 minutes you can choose, order and pay. Then halal food products ready to be delivered directly to your home. Let’s enjoy it
  4. Trusty : We maintain the security of your personal data so you don’t need to worry when you do transaction activities on our website.
  5. Guarantee 100% : We provide quality services and products that aim to provide a different experience when you are. The products we provide are also very good quality so that in the event of damage or order incompatibility, we are ready to replace and send back according to your order.
  6. Fast Respond : We provide services 24 hours / 7 days so you don’t need to worry if you make an order, complaints, and asking. We are ready to help you every time.

I live in Kanazawa, can I get free shipping ?

Absolutely Yes, someone Special who stays in Kanazawa will be given free postage with a minimum order of 2500 JPY and reservations are ready to be sent to your home according to the schedule you specify.

Can I get free shipping if I order below 2500 JPY?

No, Ordering at least 2500 JPY can only be classified as recipients of free shipping.

Can I become a Reseller?

Absolutely Yes, you can directly contact us via Line (@jce4530n) and Whatsapp (+6289685725772). We are ready to serve you whenever and wherever.

Is this shop reliable to order ?

Please read the point at No. 10.

Is there a social media account in Kanawa (Kanazawa Halal Food)?

Yes, Kanawa has a social media account that will be updated every week with info that is useful for you and you must follow

Our account consists of:

Intagram : @Kanazawahalalfood

Fanpage : @Kanazawahalalfood

Line : @jce4530n

Is Kanawa social media promos available?

Yes, we will provide information about promos, discounts and various information that helps you whenever and wherever.

How about the shipping cost ?

Kanazawa provides shipping throughout Japan, so shipping is based on city locations throughout Japan.
For shipments based on size accompanied by weight in a package, These Size consists of Size 60 (0-2 kg), Size 80 (2.1-5 kg), Size 100 (5.1-10 kg), Size 120 (10.1-20 kg ), Size 160 (20.1-30 kg)