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Kanazawa Halal Food is built due to the difficulty of getting halal food in Japan, especially in Kanazawa. However, Kanazawa Halal Food will be present to you to serve all you need related Halal food wherever you are in Japan.

Kanazawa halal food is taken from the name of a city in Japan precisely in Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa. Kanazawa is a place for Muslim students and also tourist cities that will provide interesting experiences with a variety of tourist attractions.

Kanazawa halal food is also commonly called Kanawa. Namely, abbreviations that make it easy to call and remember based on the experience of customers from Kanazawa halal food.

We are the best platform in Japan that always understanding what is desired by Muslims in Japan. So that Muslims in Japan will be greatly helped by us.

We are very happy to help you

Because we will always be there for you & we are a solution for you.

Kanazawa Halalfood About Us